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A message from John

After a year of serious preparation – not to mention full-on anticipation – it comes as a huge disappointment to have the adventure of a lifetime cut short. Not long into the journey, I began to suffer from retention of urine; a condition that has already been quickly and easily improved on land, but that a thousand miles further out to sea might have necessitated an emergency rescue. Needless to say, this unexpected turn has left us with no choice to make but the hard one: to continue would be beyond irresponsible. Unfortunately, the time required for medical investigations and treatment also means we miss the safe weather window for crossing the ocean this year, and leaves us unable to make another attempt.

I am hugely grateful to Rob for the extraordinary opportunity, and for the support I’ve received, both personally and for the Alexander Devine charity. My heartfelt thanks to you all.

Despite not being able to complete the journey, I can safely say that the memories of five days spent rowing through huge Atlantic rollers on a 22ft boat will remain with me.




All good things…

With deep disappointment Rob and John announce that they’ll be unable to continue with their Atlantic challenge.

Brief statement from Rob:

In light of recent safety and health developments, we’ve had to take the frustrating yet responsible decision not to resume our crossing. An unassisted ocean row is such an extreme physical undertaking that to attempt to continue despite a potentially worsening health issue, which could require medical intervention, would be an unacceptable risk. It’s a real shame as, despite his age, my father was shaping up to be a fine ocean rower.

Statement from John to follow.


Las Playas desde Isora

Welcome to World’s End

We’re pleased to relay that 2 Hopes has now reached El Hierro; an island which – before Columbus dared to sail past it – once represented the most Westerly point of land mapped by man. It’s not that much of a stretch, therefore, to say that John and Rob have rowed to the end of the world…and in only 5 days! Not a bad starting effort, really.

All on board are safe (if somewhat dubiously sound) and we await further news.


(photo of El Hierro via


Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 16.14.02

An unscheduled detour

For those of you following the tracker, you’ll notice the latest update shows that 2 Hopes has taken a turn northwards. While both Rob and John are safe, a medical issue has arisen which they feel it would be wise to attend to while still within reach of the islands. They’ve therefore taken the decision to head for El Hierro.

More info when we have it.



Off into the wide blue yonder!

A fair, calm morning over the Canary Islands saw Rob and John push off at 9am. The pair are in high spirits and have had a cracking first day at the oars. But it’s not all sunset G&Ts on the poop deck: for the next couple of days they’ll need to put in some extra hard graft to get the Islands behind them as quickly as possible, as any adverse change in the weather conditions could present the danger of pushing 2 Hopes towards the rocky shorelines of Tenerife, La Gomera or El Hierro.



On Standby in Gran Canaria…

Rob and John are currently on standby in Gran Canaria. Their boat 2hopes is due to arrive on the island today. All being well departure will be towards the end of the week.



The Atlantic

And then there were two. John and Rob decide to take on the Atlantic. John pledges support for the Alexander Devine Hospice charity.


Lets row an ocean

During a family lunch brothers John and Guy and their cousin Jo together with John’s son Rob signed up to row an Ocean.