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John Eustace

79 year old novice rower who is hoping to make it back to Windsor to enjoy a well-deserved glass of Burgundy.

John spent 37 years working as a GP in Hampshire and has spent many years running, visiting the gym and entertaining his numerous grandchildren. He firmly believes in keeping fit and staying positive throughout your life, whatever stage you may be at!

As you can see from the photo, he has already acquired the look of a grizzled adventurer (age does that) but will return from the row with a fully developed thousand-yard stare.

Rob Eustace

Son of the above who is hoping to share the aforementioned Burgundy (assuming both are still on speaking terms, otherwise he will happily drink it alone).

Rob has the dubious benefit of two previous ocean rows – the Atlantic and Pacific – and was adamant during his last row that he would only go to sea again on the type of leisurely voyage that offers two stewards and a chef as standard. He’s still trying to figure out how he ended up with the company of an aged parent instead!